OOTD Magazine

Carelle - OOTD Magazine

Can you believe I got featured on OOTD Magazine recently?!!! Eek so happy and I actually feel like a "real" fashion blogger now haha! This almost cements it in a weird way, right? You can see my outfit on OOTD Magazine here

And......... I've just been offered a promotion at work, as the youngest staff member in the office! So pleased but also kind of nervous! Gonna look great on my CV though. It seems all the pieces are falling into place for little Miss Elvira :)

Have a great day guys! In such a good mood, wish I could spread it to you all...sprinkle you with fairy dust or something!  

P.S. How funny are my tabs on the picture of my screen above? Haha! Basically showcases my life of blogging, fashion and Beyonce. Sums me up perfectly!! Kisses xo