Carelle Streetstyle: London Fashion Week

I haven't done one of these posts in aaages...well really since it's debut at Glastonbury in July. Golly! In case you were wondering, I didn't forget about's always been on my mind but I've debated with how I want it co-ordinated. Like should it be a regular thing that encompasses me going out into the "streets" and just seeking out random outfits? Or should it be more like a blue moon special in relation to events I go to? I chose the latter. I think if I did it regularly I would start to resent it and also I worry I just couldn't keep up with scheduling it constantly. I was barely able to get enough outfits at Fashion Week, of all places (well to be fair Somerset House was like a ghost town yesterday afternoon...I think the rain had something to do with that). 

Anyhoo, here are some pretty interesting outfits I spotted that I thought deserved some limelight for sure! These outfits are pretty tame compared with some of the ones I saw the day before, where there was a lot of candy coloured fluff floating around. Yesterday's outfits seemed more sombre, just adding to the weird ghostly feel of Somerset House. We were probably all mourning the disappearance of the sun. Other than candy inspired clothing, I also noticed that the 70s made a prominent stamp at fashion week - think suede, leather, shearling, fringe, flares, hats, prints and all that jazz. Delightful as 70s is definitely one of my fave eras for fashion. 

Other than that, no other trend particularly stood out. The rest is left to no rhyme or reason and is more about making a statement..I mean a shoe on your head, why not? A clawed up balaclava, go on then! If you can't wear these pieces at Fashion Week, when can you? Weird, wacky, wonderful...but most of all gutsy, fashion week is definitely about pushing your limits! Do you have a favourite? xo