LFW 2015 Diary: Day 3

Carelle - LFW

I definitely got a bit of a rush from going to Somerset House LFW Day 2. With the paps and fashionistas, the crazy styles and the friendly vibe, I was completely electrified and inspired by the whole process. And even though I knew it would mess up with my already scheduled plans for the day I made an effort to swing my Covent Garden yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately I think I came at the wrong time as the scene was pretty lacklustre. To be fair, it started raining about 20 mins after I arrived so I only really managed to snap some rushed, windswept pics of my outfit and then run home to the warmth. 

My thinking behind this look was more about comfort. After being in heels the day before my feet were in no condition to relive the stress of trying to glide over cobbled streets. Also, I wanted this day to be more about networking with people and playing photographer to others as the previous day was more me getting "papped". So a more low key look. Still busted out the Versace fur jacket though...it is Fashion Week after all haha. Unfortunately I didn't stay long as I had no intention of mingling in the wet weather. Plus,  it's rather difficult to network when it's so windy that your hair is literally in your face...nonstop!! I really need a weave, they seem to just stay put no matter how much you swing it about. I mean, have you seen Beyonce flip her hair in her shows? It just falls perfectly back into place, every time. I need that kinda life lol. 

Back at work now! Gosh, it feels like I haven't had a break yet. But I've booked off leave for next week and it couldn't come any quicker. Just gotta get through this week and then it's lie ins galore for like 9 days. Yeh buddy! xo 



Versace Jacket

GAP Boyfriend Shirt (similar here)

Zara Trousers

Nike Thea Trainers

Celine Bag

Carelle - LFW