Looking So Crazy In Love

Everyone say hi to my new baby!! Isn't she a beaut!? God, I'm so in love it's not even funny. I might as well clear out all my other bags because they are gonna be getting dusty in the wardrobe now that I've got my hands on this creature! I wish I could tell you that I bought it myself but I don't make enough money for that lol...not even close. As luck would have it, my sister didn't want hers anymore so enter Elvira. I bet you never knew hand me downs from older sisters could look this good hahaha...neither did I to be honest, am truly thanking my lucky stars. 

Anyway, I debuted the new love of my life at LFW today...though not for long as it started raining cats and dogs and Celine didn't enjoy getting wet ;). I'll be posting my look tomorrow  as well as some street style shots from others at Somerset House so check back in the morn. Now I shall bid you adieu as my level of exhaustion is simply beyonddd.... Night loves xo

P.S. I am crazy in love with Beyonce's cover for Fifty Shades of Grey (pun well and truly intended). It's been on repeat for me ever since I watched the movie. Have you heard it and if so what do you think?   

*Title from "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce 

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