Minding My Own Business, Doin' What I Do

Carelle - LFW

This has to be my favourite shot of my first outfit from London Fashion Week at Somerset House! It all happened very spontaneously. I was genuinely minding my own business, chatting to my friend when a couple of photographers asked to take my picture and then they were encouraging me to work the skirt and before you know it, I shimmying around like a fool. But the picture came out great, obviously how I meant it to look ;) Taken at the end of the day when I just started feeling comfortable having my picture shot by groups of cameramen, as compared to the start of the day when I was posing like it was a school class photo haha. See details of the full outfit here.

Wish I could thank the person who took the shot but I just saw it on Match Fashion's instagram so not sure where it came from. If it's you, holla at me so I can express my awe at your work. So funny that this was just a few days ago, while now I am in my sweats having left work early to come home and clean up. Working my marigolds ... very glamorous indeed! So jealous of everyone off to Milan Fashion Week. However, I must say I am looking forward to catching up on my sleep. One up on Milan already ... hashtag winning! xo

Title from "Do it Well" by Jennifer Lopez