Wishlist: Accessories Room SOLO Bracelet

Woah! Accessories Room have just added jewellery to their line and is it bad that I kinda want all the bracelets and cuffs? You can't blame me though, I mean...look at them! I love the textures of the different leathers and bright colours, all handcrafted in Italy so you know it's good. Us Italians only work with the best of course ;) 

But seriously it was so hard to pick a fave from their collection. I've been going round in circles for the last 40 mins deciding which I want. I'm kinda thinking I like that navy cuff though! Always been keen on a good, chunky, statement, stand out piece of jewellery and that navy cuff is just divine!!! Love love love! 

This is what Accessories Room have to say about their first flag ship bracelets:

"The SOLO Bracelet is designed for those who are bold and confident. This bracelet is a celebration of independence and attitude, and no two pieces are the same. This unisex style mixes of metal and genuine exotic leather, which forms the basis of this signature style." 

Sound like your thing? Of course it does!! See more styles here! Let me know which one's your favourite. I've changed my mind again to the lizard piece...ah man, this is way too hard! Maybe it's a sign I should get more than one haha. It's pay day Friday right? xo