Feeling Me Feeling You

Have you heard of this awesome new app about to launch called Feels? Basically it's a fashion-modelling app that allows you to post your looks unto a platform where retailers, brands and modelling agencies can easily access and request to collaborate with you. Oh and did I mention that this is all directed through Storm Model Management? Caught your attention now, haven't I? 

So I got approached last week to become one of the beta-testers for the app and upload images for when the app is due to launch approx. next month, so you guys will then have lots of different images of different girls on there to browse through and get a feel of what the app is about. I've started playing around with it and I love it already. It's super easy to use: you take a picture (make sure there's good lighting), upload it, tag the brands you're wearing and presto you're done. Be warned however, there is not an option to edit the photos, no filters or an option to upload a photo from your phone's album. It's all about being natural and showcasing the real you. I think that's fabulous as I do sometimes worry our society is becoming too obsessed with changing our god given beauty, flaws and all. Anyway there are lots of tricks you can do with angles and natural light so don't panic.

From there, it's just a waiting game to see who "feels" your look and whether a brand is interested in what you're working with. Sounds fun right? And such great promotion for people who blog or are looking at getting into modelling. Follow Feels on Twitter to keep updated on the launch and when you can test it out. Don't forget to "feel" me too ;) xo

*Title from "Feeling You Feeling Me" by Alicia Keys

Carelle - Feels