My Hustle So Russell

Carelle - Leather

Easy peasy weekend attire. Ripped black jeans, check! Bad boy boots, check! Stolen brother's designer jumper, check! Leather jacket, check! Ready to go! Haha. It's a much more masculine look but as I've said before I quite enjoy playing around with and mixing genre specific fashion. While this outfit does have a tougher and darker feel, it is soooo comfortable. We all know I'm all about those lazy outfit choices that still look put together. Generally all black looks do come across as smart and adding leather to any outfit always makes it look kinda styled with very minimal effort required. Weekend life, basically! 

After the last couple of weeks I've had that have been super busy I have no thinking power left so a simple outfit is just what I need today. I think all the planning required around Fashion Week outfits took it out of me haha, so it's nice to come back to everyday looks. And this is basically how I wanna live the next week. Just super easy, no hassle styling. However this is probably wishful thinking because as much I might pretend to myself that I can just nap for the whole of my leave, there are lots of activities I do need to get on with. You don't get to Russell Simmons level by napping for days on end haha. But I don't wanna think about all that for now. I just want to have a nice chilled weekend for a change and I'm doing some lovely activities these next two days so I'm happy bunny right now :) Enjoy your Saturday lovelies, much love xo



The Kooples Jacket (similar here)

Givenchy Jumper (similar here)

Dr. Denim Jeans

Timberland Boots

Accessorize Bagpack


*Title from "Hate" by Jay Z ft. Kanye West