Sunday Morning Selfies

Goodmorning! It's such a beautiful and sunny morning today in London...I can't wait to go out and explore the city. London always looks better with a bit of sunshine. I'm popping over to Columbia Road Flower Market, which I'm super excited about as I've never been before. Sundays are just the perfect day to go flower shopping right? Heading over there with Claire, who is also a blogger and who I will be "interviewing" today as well so you guys can be formally introduced. Her blog is awesome, you'll love it I'm sure. Have a peep here.

Oh by the way, I realised that I don't do many posts with my natural hair. I straighten my hair quite a lot especially when I get dressed up and looking back on posts I realised I've never really showcased what it looks like freshly washed and dried. Perfect opportunity for some selfies lol. My hair is quite curly....or rather really frizzy. I do like it natural and wish I wore like that more often but it's just a nightmare to maintain cos while it might stay nice and curly for an hour or two, it soon will develop into a frizz bomb that is made up mainly of knots. So I straighten it quite a lot of the time for convenience. But anyhoo, that's what it looks like when I do nothing with it. Those with curly/frizzy hair are welcome to share tips on keeping the curls nice ....please please please do!! Right I'm off the get ready for the day. Will report back tomorrow. Have a fantastic Sunday! xo 

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