Wishlist: Private Party Swimwear

Have you seen Kenzas latest posts from Cape Town? Man I wanna go on holiday soon! So I've started to daydream at work about holidays and beaching life (I know I've only been at work for an hour lol) and came across these super cool swimsuits! I need all 3 in my life right now!!!! I remember spotting one Khloe K when she did a podcast sort of thingie with Scott Disick and Khloe's my fave on that show (if my family were the Kardashians, I'd fo' sho be Khlo) so it's a swimsuit made in heaven for me.

Now of course they are selling out so fast...eek! Dyu think I can buy them before I book a holiday? I could even wear them to swim at the public swimming pools, right? But which one should I go for or is it acceptable to get all 3? Ok I'll compromise...2 then :D Anyway, just some midweek, holiday-lusting inspiration for you! Hang in there fam, we're halfway through the week! xo 

Elvira VedelagoComment