Thought Maybe I'd Do Some Shopping

Another lot of MacBook selfies...but it's cos I did some shopping last week and wanted to share my new buys! And what do you ask I shopped for......TSHIRTS!! Yep that's right, simple Tshirts! But it's a basic item that everyone should have and I just didn't have the right ones so voila. A while back when I was getting ready for an exciting date (oh remember those lol) I was desperately searching through my cupboard for a simple, loose, v-neck (to be keep it sexy of course) Tshirt to go with my ripped jeans...I couldn't believe it when I couldn't find anything! How is that even possible? I'm such a lover of clothes and I didn't even have the most basic of wardrobe essentials :O !! Major faux pas, Elvira, major! (I settled for a loose strap top btw...plan B still worked a treat lol).

So the other day while browsing round town, I came across just the Tshirt I needed from Topshop...loose, simple and v neck for that sexy "oh I just threw this on and look amazing" laid back vibe! Simples! Nothing says cool girl quite like a loose Tshirt, tousled hair and jeans. Sometimes it really it that easy but you've gotta find the right one! Anyway, that's all I have to say about that. Lesson here is make sure you've got some cool/hot Tshirts in store -  you don't want to be caught off guard like me....disastrous! Ok, ciao for now! xo

*Title from "Tshirt" by Shontelle

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