Pinghe: Part Two

Carelle - Pinghe

Here you have the second outfit I shot with Pinghe and wow is it a doozy! Sexy and sophisticated in one go. It's funny cos there is actually quite a lot going on with this outfit... the v neck, the peplum, the leather skirt, the cut outs, the embroidery....just hearing all that you might start thinking it was a little OTT (especially someone like me who tends to veer towards more simplisitic styles) but put on it looks great together! It all just compliments each other really well. And that skirt....just wow! The craftmanship is incredible! Really elegantly done, I must say!

This outfit isn't available online as of really I have just given an exclusive peek...woohoo! No but there are very similar skirts ready to go on the site. Otherwise I'm sure there is no harm in just contacting Pinghe directly and enquiring when this look will be made available for purchase. In the meantime, do have a little browse through the website, it's so creative that simply scrolling through it is quite an enjoyable experience lol. And if you happen to see something you like on there...well it is the weekend after all, only fair that we spoil ourselves after such a hard-working week ;) xo