Sunday Morning

Carelle -  Sunday

Morning! Golly I'm tired! Late night bouncing round clubs last night and let me tell you London was heaving..I've never seen central that busy. Maybe there was a memo I missed or something lol. Luckily for me, I actually didn't drink much last night because I haven't been feeling too great the last couple of days..think I'm coming down with a bug or something ..but it meant that my head wouldn't be feeling too worse for wear today. Never the less I did get my boogey on as they were playing some classic old skool hip hop so I was definitely feeling myself lol. 

But that late night, the heavy dancing and the potential onset of a bug means that I need a goooood brekkie this morning and I've gone for an old fave of mine...cheese and jam on toast!! A lot of people might be thinking "yuck" but I learnt this delicacy from living in Denmark when I was younger and if you think about it, people have cheese and chutney here so yeh it's delish! Pumping myself up with lots of Vit C so I don't crash and burn today and plenty of tea to keep me warm inside out. Wish I could have a cosy day watching movies today but I need to prep the blog for the coming week and have drinks with some friends later on..and I also need to clean the apartment lol. How I'm gonna get all this done today, I dunno lol! Well, for now I'm just gonna enjoy my breakfast for 30 mins before I have to start getting ready. Have a wonderful day everyone. Sun is shining, which I think means spring isn't too far away (feeling hopeful). Take care xo

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