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Carelle - Breakfast

So I was definitely supposed to post this yesterday, talking about starting the week well and being better to my body but I didn't get the time to as my day was literally jammed packed. So it may be a bit of an anti-climax now but just roll with me for the moment. 

So over the weekend, I had what I now believe to be a rather painful tummy bug, though at the time I was convinced I had eaten some pretty dodgy pizza 2 lunches in a row lol! Regardless, the whole experience of the the tummy bug made me have a bit of an epiphany (how much of a hypochondriac am I?!) ....or rather a re-ephiphany (if that's even a word) about being good to my body, inside out. Of course, I'm not dense...I have always understood the importance of eating well but when you're young it's not always the most important priority. But after the pain I went through over the weekend (fair enough it was a bug) I vowed to be better to my tummy. 

So starting the week everyday with a healthy breakfast...(to be fair that pic is not enough for me, I later had some porridge....and a yoghurt). I've had such a craving for grapefruit lately so bought a gazillion of them from the supermarket. My body is obviously telling me it needs some healthy vitamins to be bumped in for quicker recovery. Because grapefruit is packed with so many vitamins and minerals, it poses great benefits for your skin, your digestive system, weight loss and lowers risks of certain diseases and illnesses! So I'm most definitely jumping on this bandwagon..my tummy is already grateful for the much needed health kick. Tschuss ;) xo

Title from "Respect" by Aretha Franklin