Wishlist: Daniel Wellington Watches

This should have really been my first wishlist post because surely you cannot class yourself as a true blogger unless you crave Daniel Wellington, right? I mean, they are the token "big blogger" accessory!  Since the day I started my blog I have desired one of these watches ... I'm just waiting for the opportune time to purchase hehe. To be fair, I could just nab my brother's one and save a few bob as I bought him the green "Warwick" one 2 years ago and don't think he wears it very often. So surely he wouldn't know if it went missing for a while? 

But really the middle "Canterbury" one is my fave. It just is so quintessentially British - makes me think of spring and Pimms and Henley Regatta, etc... I much prefer the men's version as I like the bigger faces....I'm a go big kinda girl, you know ;) Ohhhh, maybe I should just bite the bullet and just get it. Random fact btw, I have never bought myself a watch...isn't that funny? I have so many but I've never purchased any myself. This will be the one for sure!! Or maybe we shall wait and see what I decide by pay day, especially as my wish lists are wracking up and I haven't made any of these purchases yet!!! I'm going H.A.M. by the end of the month for sure! xo

P.S. Do you have a favourite of the three?