Treat You Better

Hey hey! Long time no hear right! Gosh it's been so good to have a little break from blogging this week and just have some free time in the evenings! It's crazy how much time running a blog consistently can take...some nights I have had so much free time I didn't even know what to do with myself. It's funny but I'm sure other people feel it, like when you are so used to being busy and then you aren't for a period but you don't remember how to relax anymore haha. Anyway, I've definitely missed my blog and even though I haven't been posting much I have been keeping up with stats and posting on Instagram so I still got a level of my Carelle rush lol. Thanks to all for being patient with me and still checking in on here! 

So the week just gone, I got lots done! I went to a Silent Retreat Day where I had to not talk for the whole day (...well 10 am - 4 pm) and that's no phones or books or anything. We practised mindfulness but there is only so much breathing meditation one can do before you wanna run out the door screaming haha. It was both an enlightening and challenging experience to say the least! I've also been on some dates, visited my niece at her boarding school to watch her school play, started my application for a masters post-graduate programme, caught up with friends...all still getting to bed in good time to recover from being sick. It's amazing what freeing up a bit of time in the evenings allowed me to do. I'm so glad that that I got a little sick actually because it really reminded me how important it is to take care of our bodies. It's all well and good pushing ourselves but sometimes something's gotta give and I needed to remember that I deserve a break and some early evenings at home in bed. So easy to forget the importance of doing you isn't it? But all good now and after such a break I am ready to carry on with some serious blogging. Stay tuned this week to see some new outfits and general life tidbits. Speak tomorrow xo


*Title from "Apparently" by J.Cole