I'm Your Girl, You're My Girl

Carelle - Friends

There's nothing quite like spending some time with my girls, dunno what I'd do without them. I went to secondary school with Claire and Julie and 13/14 years later we are all still so close, supporting each other as we grew into women and even a mummy (look how scrummy little Ruby is). And I love that even as life has taken us to different corners of the country, so we might not get to see each other as often as we'd like, when we get back together it's just like it has always been. It goes to show that there is some truth to that "friendships longer than 7 years last forever"...so buckle up ladies, we are in this for the long-haul lol. 

It was really nice catching up with them this weekend though cos it had been a little while since I had seen them properly. We decided to go for a ladies pub lunch to celebrate Julie turning 25 last month! Yummy food, girlie gossip and baby cuddles, my Saturday could not have been spent any better, that's for sure. Unfortunately, my Sunday took a turn for the worse and I felt sick all day... boo! My body felt literally drained and so I had a good, loooong, hard look at my life (a little dramatic perhaps) and started thinking that my body is trying to tell me I am pushing it too hard. I've gotta lessen the load a little bit and as I can't really book another week off work again, I've decided to give myself a mini-break from the blog this week. There will still be some posts but not everyday. Expect the usual Wishlist posts on Wednesday and perhaps something over the weekend. I have some exciting stuff coming up but as I've not been feeling too great it will need to be pushed back to next week. There's still plenty to explore for you on the site already but for now I need a rest. Wishing you all a fab week and I look forward to coming back full swing, healthier and happier by next week. Love love love xo 


*Title from "Girl" by Destiny's Child