Wishlist: Sophie Hulme Tote Bag

These bags are getting me so excited for spring fashion, especially that tan, cut-out one... stick a fashionable scarf on that bad boy and it becomes a piece that looks like it's ready for the French Riviera.  I've seen these bags around a lot lately, always on the most laid-back yet stylish ladies in London and I so wanna be one of those women! I really think that tan one would be a game changer in my wardrobe for sure! To be fair, all of Sophie Hulme's bags would fit very nicely in my home as they are all seriously beaut but I particularly like the totes because I think they are so versatile -  I could wear them to work, dinner, holiday..so it's basically a practical buy really! Haha! Do you have a favourite?

Hope everyone is having a nice week! Even though I haven't been planning to blog as much, I am still finding that I am super busy. I think my promotion at work has a lot to do with that but at least I am sleeping better now so starting to recover from my weekend exhaustion lol. Tomorrow I have a full day of mindfulness training and then I have Friday off so not a bad couple of days coming up...just need to get through today and there are still a million things left to do in the office. I am definitely using my Sophie Hulme Wishlist "research" as procrastination...woops! Right better get back to it now! Ciao xo