Columbia Road Flower Market

Carelle - Columbia Road Flower Market

Yesterday, Claire and I, two South West London girls made the unlikely journey East in search of cheap yet good quality flowers. I jest, we go East all the time...cos we are just that hip and edgy lol! Ok but in all seriousness, I had never been to the Columbia Road Flower Market before and so when Claire mentioned she was taking a trip that way I of course invited myself along haha. And what a great idea it was cos it turned out to be a fantastic day! We decided to go a little later in the afternoon when prices would be dropped even lower to get rid of stock before they close up shop and we also got there just in time for the glorious sunny weather (and managed to leave just before the rain, lightening and thunder downpour...good timing or what?). When I say we were spoiled for choice, I'm not exaggerating in the least bit. Have a look for yourself:

See, I wasn't exaggerating when I said we were spoiled for choice was I? I have about a gazillion more shots as well but I thought we don't all have the time to sit here and ogle at my pictures of flowers. Imagine how hard it was to choose what to buy! Claire and I came up with what we thought was a well-structured plan of walking through the market once, seeing everything there was on offer and upon making our way back we would know what we wanted to buy. Easy right? Wrong! Seemingly everyone had the same idea as us and it was just manic trying to make our way through the crowds. Hilarious, as along the way we got co-erced into taking a selfie with some rather friendly flower vendors, who then asked for Claire's number. You've gotta love the brazenness of the East eh, haha: 

We decided to buy our flowers and bounce to avoid any further awkward encounters haha. We both got tulips while Claire also got some mini cacti and I got some hyacinths. Good buys for sure! This then left more time for us to have a browse and behave like proper tourists (or "bloggers" depending on how you see it) and explore/get lost in the local environment. East end is great for a wander around as there is always something new and exciting to stumble upon. And we most definitely got mixed up with some fun characters for sure. Would make great reality TV, I promise. Next it was unto a heavenly snack at Yalla Yalla and I got to have a little interview with Claire about her blog, which was such a good laugh because we are both convinced that we don't sound like we do on tape...if I do, please shoot me now! Make sure to keep an eye out for that interview very soon ... it's a good'un ;) xo