Next Day You're So Cold

Carelle - Spring Fashion

Where have the sunnier and warmer days disappeared to? We had such a fab few days 2 weeks ago and then it all of a sudden felt like the next day it was winter again! I've been feeling so chilly recently and I was really hoping to reduce the amount of heating I put on at home as my last bill wasn't very friendly but I guess I won't be so lucky. Oh well, at least it means I don't have to pack away my amazing Topshop coat just yet...there's still more airtime for my little baby after all lol. 

So lately, I've been really drawn to pieces with earthy tones in my wardrobe. I know I should be thinking more about brighter and fresher colours because apparently spring is here (...I'm yet to see reliable and consistent evidence) but as it seems the weather hasn't completely turned, I guess I still have time to keep to warmer and earthier outfits. I'm really feeling browns and khakis lately and then perhaps when the warmer weather does finally shine it's face on London, I might move on to lighter variations of those colours like greens, nudes and oranges. I actually think I've been influenced by all the 70s vibe going round the fashion world, for example brown leather and suede looks. I feel like as eventually that might turn into a bit more of a traveller/safari vibe in summer months e.g. khakis trousers with white shirts etc... Well we shall see but that's kinda what's been inspiring me of late. It all has a natural feel which I'm liking and so keeping in line with the theme, I of course had to do the shoot with my natural and wild baby (though these pics were taken at the end of the day and it is most definitely starting to look like my hair could use a good brush and some hair cream...ah the drama of a curly haired girl's life). 

Anyhoo, that's it for today! Just a little put together to ease me back into blogging. It did feel a bit odd posing for these types of pictures again, at first I kinda forgot what to do but then it was  just like riding a bike. Massive thanks to Claire for helping me with the shoot...she was so patient, made the whole process super comfortable. Now, unto dealing with this Monday...sooner we tackle it, sooner it's over! Let the weekend countdown start up again! Have a good day guys xo



Topshop Coat & Shirt

Dr. Denim Jeans

Zara Boots



*Title from "Holy Grail" by Jay-Z