Wishlist: Maison Michel Hats

Why does it seem that everyone has one of these hats but me...dear God just why? They are simply hat perfection! Doesn't get any better, does it? Loving the red one for spring I must say, though it is a bit of a bolder colour...they other two are much safer bets. If only I could get all 3 but the prices of these beauties would tear right into my savings...so that's a no go then. But c'mon, just one has to be an acceptable purchase right? Well, maybe I can sit tight for the moment as I am currently babysitting the most stunning one from my Twinny lover while she moves flats. It's emerald green with a wine ribbon...simply heaven! I've loved prancing round my flat in it...little does Twinny know she is not getting "Michel" back haha. 

Actually, come to think about it, my older sister does have a couple of these hats. Maybe I just need to hang tight like I did for the Celine bag and I might eventually receive a little donation. Keep you fingers crossed for me lol xo.