Where Did She Go

Carelle - Maison Michel

Where you at Spring? It's been a minute since we seen you! I was hoping at this point I could start busting out a few more warmer outfit numbers and I even went shopping for some summery tops yesterday but looking out the window this morning, it doesn't look likely I'll be wearing anything other than a raincoat and turtleneck out in the days to come. Meh! But to be fair, there was point yesterday afternoon where it wasn't dreadfully chilly and so I managed to walk around without a coat and even take a few pictures. I even picked a spring inspired setting to pretend like we're kinda there with the sunnier days, wah!

So, as I was talking about Maison Michel hats this week in my wishlist post, I decided I must show you the beautiful piece I am babysitting right now (aka never giving back). There are no words to describe how gorgeous it is...literally I got nothing! Thanks Twinny for letting me borrow/keep the hat...you're the best! Paired with a simple, cosy jumper dress and some killer knee high boots and you've got yourself a fab outfit, my friend (though I look like I'm dressing for autumnal weather rather than spring but I'll stop complaining now lol). Now it's time to wrap up warm (again!) and have some brekkie....I know it's after midday but that clock "springing" forward has really thrown me, I almost feel a little jet lagged....woe is me haha. Have a nice day lovers, looks like a movies on the sofa kinda day to me. Kisses xo   



Maison Michel Hat

Whistles Jumper Dress (similar here)

Zara Coat & Boots 

Chanel Bag


*Title from "Where Did She Go" by Bruno Mars