The Flower Girl

Morning all! I realised that I actually didn't share any pictures of myself from my Flower Market post yesterday so here you have posing away with my flowers, holding them like a prize I won at a state fair haha. Claire very kindly sent over some pictures she took of me on her camera cos I was too busy being an East end tourist (such a SW girl, gosh!) to remember to snap some shots of myself. That's what friends are for, eh?! Anyhoo, be sure to look out for my little "interview" with Claire coming up very soon! 

Now I gotta rush and put myself together as Carla is coming to spend a few days with me and she will be here in an hour and I am still in PJs. Whenever she visits me I am never ever ready! I always open the door to her in my PJs or in a towel and I refuse to let that happen to today haha!! Today I will open the door like I have been ready for hours, like I am actually a put together person!! Haha yeh right! So excited to see her as she's on leave too and we always have such a laugh when together. Right, I'm off. Sayonara! xo


*Title from "The Rain , The Park and Other Things" by the Cowsills