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Carelle - Wal G

Happy April's Fools btw! Did you guys play any pranks on people today? I kinda feel like Mother Nature is playing a joke on us here in London, what with it being super sunny yesterday and this morning and then now threatening to rain for last few hours. I had such a lovely walk through Hyde Park yesterday and other than the worry of being blown over by gale force winds, I found it highly enjoyable to browse through crisp green grass, with bright sunny blue skies above observing all the beautiful, blossoming flowers. Such a shame this afternoon has clouded up but I guess they don't call it April showers for nothing and all those pretty blooms need plenty of water.

So I'm getting prepped with my umbrella in a tow but do not fear friends, there are still ways to look good under a brolly. Take this Wal G dress for example, I think I still managed to rock it regardless of the unpredictable weather. As I said in my previous post, I was gifted a piece from the website and went with a navy dress, mostly because I have a million LBDs already and so I thought navy would be a nice addition to the wardrobe but also I think blue and white are such a fresh looking combo for spring fashion. Eh voila, an outfit was formed and photos were taken (irrespective of the rain.. I know, I'm such a trooper right?). My favourite thing about this dress? - The knot tie, as it's such a subtle, interesting addition to a simple, classic looking dress. A bit of a quirk while still being super elegant, what's not to love? What about you, what do you make of the dress? xo 



Wal G Dress

River Island Heels (similar here)

Butler & Wilson Earrings (similar here


*Title from "Tie It Up" by Kelly Clarkson