Wishlist: ASOS Cateye Sunglasses

How have I not done a wishlist post on these sunglasses before? Crazy because I wear them constantly, like in the rain, or as a headband...hell even to sleep if the occasion calls for it lol. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that those black sunnies above are basically an extension of my body. I wear them with pretty much every outfit, no joke! So funny because I must have 10 + pairs of sunglasses and these are the cheapest pair I own but they are definitely one of my best buys over the years. I got them when I was at uni and have never looked back. I've even got 4 of my friends to buy a pair too...I really should be getting commission on these babies!! And now ASOS have them in different styles so of course I must try them out, being the self-notimated spokesperson and all haha. I ordered the leopard print ones over the weekend and am so excited to put them to the test....there's a lot of pressure and expectations riding on the new pair as the classic black have really gone above beyond for me over the years. I'll let you know how it all turns out with the newbies but for now I simply wanted to share my all time fave sunglasses, especially with the sunny weather we had yesterday and are currently having this morning (let's hope it holds out). 

In other news, today is my last day at work for the Easter period! Woohoo! I'm off for like 6 days now...heaven!! I've brought in to work homemade Easter cupcakes to celebrate (vanilla with buttercream icing and mini eggs nests on top), of which I was up till midnight baking. Am I a good manager or what? Have a good day y'all xo