Wishlist: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

First time I saw these glasses I did giggle at them thinking they were a bit too futuristic for my liking and my friends and I tried them on as a bit of a laugh. However, once they are on they are no laughing matter! They look sick!!! I'm such a sucker for cat eye sunglasses and these are hands down the coolest ones I've seen lately, thus they've made my wishlist in anticipation for sunnier days. The weather in London has really brightened up recently so I most definitely need these in my life asap! I'm torn between the red ones and the black ones...love the mirror lens on the black but the red colour is so dope! Ahh, why do I always have this problem? Which would you go for?

Btw I'm just come back from an awesome workout at FORM Studios in Notting Hill that's basically pilates using Metcore classes. It explains it all here! So amazing but I am super sore now! First session is free so I would definitely recommend a trial of it...I'm so ready for my second session but I need a nap first haha. But now I've gotta dash off to a casting...yes, you heard me right..casting! Apparently I go to them now lol. Wish me luck and speak soon xo