Sun Was Shinin' I'm Positive

Carelle - Spring

Spring is truly on its way people, there is no denying it now! How sunny has it been these last few days? Best feeling waking up to sunshine, always puts me in a much better mood. While the last few weeks have been amazing (and busy) there have little teeny things that have annoyed me recently and has sometimes lowered my mood. But the changing season, longer days and (slightly) warmer weather has definitely made me a little happy bunny! Plus the fact that my bestie, Carla has been staying with me this week. I swear I've developed many new wrinkles from laughing so much! Other people must think we are so weird as we get stuck in laughing fits but we always have a fantastic time when together, love her!! She actually helped me take these pics so I gotta shout out to her...thanks dawg! 

So is it just me or have the last 2 days felt warmer than we've previously had. I went out yesterday in just a sleeveless jumper and my spring trench and was absolutely fine. OMG, I'm literally so excited for summer!!! Oh and I'll definitely be taking the fringe fashion into the warmer seasons. It's just just such a fun and young style for brighter days that I can't help but keep it going. I didn't want to say it again but it is so 70s..haha...very in trend right now obviously. It's such a statement look that it can jazz up the simplest of outfits, as I've worn here. Also, can we just take a min to admire those McQueen boots!!? I got them over a year ago in a killer sale but completely forgot about them while they were hidden at the back of my wardrobe. Caught sight of them the other day and kicked myself (with said boots of course) for not flaunting them. Poor babies need to get some limelight action!! Do you like them? I'm not usually a fan of a stiletto heel on myself but I think they work well here. Maybe I could rock them out tonight but without a platform I doubt they'd last long on my feet...I'm such a baby with heels when out clubbing. Anyhoo, wishing you all a fab Friday! Weekend is finally here...time to turn up! Woohoo xo 



Topshop Sleeveless Jumper (similar here)

H&M Trench Coat (similar here)

Dr. Denim Jeans 

Alexander McQueen Boots (different colour)

H&M Fringe Bag (similar here)


*Title from "Four Five Seconds" by Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney