Carelle Reunited

Btw this is Carla, I don't think you've been formally introduced! I've been having such an amazing week with my little Carelle co-founder, we have not stopped laughing ... I can't even tell you what we've been doing but it's all just been so fun! This was some of our selfies from yesterday before Carla helped me with a shoot (she's such a good friend), which will be up next week. Do you like my pigtails? I look like I'm 12 years old again haha! And I love Carla's new's so badass, sometimes I wish I was that brave but I would look like a little Indian boy if I chopped my mane off (I have childhood pictures to prove it). 

Anyway, I NEED to go and find some food! I am hanging so bad - last night was just crazy! Went to dinner with some lovely ladies then to the club then to the after hours club...omg I've so tired thinking about it! I have such a craving for lobster and chips now hahaha...gonna google where the nearest shack is. Hasta la vista. xo