Tonight, It's All About Me

Carelle - Samples

Oh dear, I have become a samples whore it seems. Last week I got a little obsessed with skin care products and routines after Claire (you know Claire...from my previous post) enlightened me that I have been doing it all wrong and so it has now become my mission to correct the error of my ways! I've always suffered from acne, it's not awful but I mean c'mon...we all want amazingly clear skin right? Then Claire sent me some recommendations for what she's found useful and I started on my little journey into understanding skin care. 

So, first stop was to get my skin mapped at Dermalogica. You know this is free right? Everyone should do this!! They use these massive goggles to examine your skin, telling you what's wrong and you could do to resolve the problem. Obviously they are gonna suggest products for you to buy but of course you can decline or just ask for samples like I did. Honestly, it was just so helpful to discuss general issues such as how pollution, diet and dehydration might be effecting your skin! I've always wanted someone to simply tell me why I'm breaking out. GPs I've had in the past always suggest the pill or some cream that has serious levels of alcohol in it which really haven't agreed with my skin but I've always wanted to just know the root of the problem so I can tackle that instead of trying to manage the effects. Now I know that the spots on my forehead are a result of a sugary diet and areas of my face are very dehydrated, probably because I am over exfoliating. Why did I never get my face mapped before?! Could have saved so much stress lol!

Ok so here are some of the basic things I've learnt I need to correct. Number 1, stop using face wipes! This shocked me the most because I've been taking makeup off my face this way for 10 years now, just like all my friends but apparently it is a bad idea! Say what? Instead we should be using a precleansing foam of sorts, which is gentler on your face. Number 2, lessen exfoliating from twice a day to a few times a week because it stripping the natural oils from my face and dehydrating it. Instead I should be using a really good cleanser to remove dirt, especially as I live in such a polluted city. Finally, add a vitamin C serum into face routine before moisturising to help reduce scarring. To be fair there is still so much for me to learn and adjust about my skin care routine but I'm improving one step at a time and I'm so pleased I'm started to make changes! I feel so much more in the know already.

Now that I've learned these few bits, the next question is what products should I be using? I mean, there are millions upon millions so it's massively difficult to even know where to begin. Hence, why I got so many samples! It gives me a chance to try these products out without having to spend a fortune on something that isn't going to agree with my skin. But the trick is to see how it feels, like if you have a negative reaction to it rather than searching for positive changes as  it normally takes 3-4 weeks before you see notice them (or so I've heard). I've already started this process and I can tell what I enjoy putting on my face and what might be too harsh for me. I absolutely adore that little bottle of oil from Kiehl's. It's called Midnight Recovery Concentrate and you only need to put it on once or twice a week instead of your evening moisturiser but it feels heavenly. It's such a myth that you shouldn't be putting oil on your face and in the past I've somehow been led to be believe that because I have oily areas I should be focusing on drying out the spots, but actually my skin is super dehydrated and is begging for moisture. So once in a while a good oil soak can be beneficial. So far, fave product from my samples and I think I'll most definitely be investing in that one. It has lavender in it too, which encourages better sleep...amazing!

As for the rest, I'm gonna have some me time tonight and just pamper myself with the products. I'm so looking forward to being home, tidying the flat up, turning off all electronic devices and just doing me! Sometimes London can be so overwhelming so I really feel that I need some personal time tonight ... and it's basically research for the blog so it two birds! When I come up with a proper skin care regime I'll be sure to share it but for now, it's toodles from moi xo


*Title from "One Of Those Days" by Whitney Houston