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Carelle - Missguided

Now that the weather's getting sunnier I'm becoming conscious that summer isn't that long what, 2 or 3 more months. Eek ... time for Miss Elvira to get serious with exercising and tightening up that body! But in all seriousness, I am beginning to think about raising my level of fitness, etc... I have gotten a bit lazy recently and need to step it up again. I normally play Netball weekly but haven't done so for about 3 weeks now...thank goodness I walk everywhere otherwise I literally wouldn't get any exercise. I did start the squat challenge again last week because previously it worked wonders not just for my butt but legs and tummy. Squats are super good for you. But then I went to this awesome pilates class in Notting Hill at Form Studios that literally broke my body so I had to stop the squat challenge because for about 3 days I couldn't walk - my legs were jelly, I kid you not. But that workout was so good..and they are doing a deal now for beginners where you can attend 4 classes for £40!!! I've gotta jump on that band wagon asap! I also really thought about trying boxing classes cos it looks super awesome. I took one class when I was like 18 and was told I was a bit of a natural (if I say so myself) but I never went back again because it was such an intense whole body was sore just from throwing a few punches lol. 

But now that the weather is warming up, I'm tempted to get active outdoors. I used to really enjoy skipping when I was at uni and apparently that's another good form of exercise. I genuinely got a workout from taking these pics because I had to keep skipping to get some good action shoots...or at least that's what Carla told me when she was taking the pictures but I'm kinda now thinking she just wanted to see me suffer haha.

Anyhoo, let's talk gym wear. I've been waiting so long to get new stylish gym clothes!!! This outfit is part of Missguided's new ACTIVE range and I have to say it looks super cool! Like actually badass! When Missguided and I discussed a collaboration, I literally couldn't wait to get my cake stained fingers on the pieces because I most certainly believed that just by wearing them I'd want to be more active and I was kinda right. Upon their arrival I was immediately putting together a new exercise regime. The one thing I would say, being a Netball girl thus needing a lot of support from my clothing while leaping about, is that I would definitely class some of the pieces are more sport luxe. For example, the bra looks so wicked but has zero support. I'd more likely wear that out as a fashion piece than to the gym for fear that my boob might jump out on the treadmill...I really don't wanna be that girl haha! But that is ultimately what is so cool about Missguided's ACTIVE range, it is fashionable sports wear that can be worn both inside and outside the gym and still look amazing in both settings. Not to shabby eh? I'm thinking of doing another post soon showing you how I'd wear this items more "fashionably" in not doing exercise. Would you like that? Let me know xo



Misguided Hoodie

Missguided Bra 

Missguided Leggings

Nike Thea Trainers


*Title from "DnF" by P Reign ft Drake & Future