Wishlist: H&M Chunky Platform Boots

Hey hey peeps! So, this plan to be posting near enough everyday is running thin atm right? I'm not gonna spiel out the usual ish about me being busy (though I am) cos it's just life but thanks for all being so patient with me. I do actually have lots to put on the blog but it's finding the time to do so....or rather being organised enough to do so. It's a working progress ;)

Ok so I've based today's wishlist on one of my most popular searches on the blog. It's funny that the weather is starting to warm up and people are still looking for boots. But then again, I'm def planning on wearing these H&M cuties well into summer and beyond so who am I to talk? So for those seeking to know, I already have the first 2 boots above. Unfortunately, the black lace up ones seem to be sold out online (though I have still seen them in store) but they have them in white online if you're interested. The white aren't my scene but could be a good transition into spring/summer attire. The suede boots are a recent purchase and I was umming and ahhhing for a while but it took one compliment from a boy to convince me they were keepers haha. I also like them in the plain boot, especially as I can't wear the suede ones in the rain or when I'm going out in evenings for fear of the wet ruining them. Oh dear, seems like I might need to venture out for some more shopping again! Someone help!!! xo 

P.S. This was definitely meant to go up 9 am this morning but I accidentally scheduled it for 9pm and only just realised. Whoops! I really don't have my head screwed on lately, must be the lack of sleep lol!