Hermes Wanderlust - Saatchi Gallery

"Not all who wander are lost"

Last weekend, Claire and I popped over the Saatchi Gallery for a little culture...or rather we were seduced by the idea of a Hermes exhibition. I thought it would be some sort of Birkin heaven but what we experienced is kinda hard to describe. Genuinely, I'm not even completely sure what it was. A gentleman being me aptly described the scene as something out of Tim Burton's mind, albeit a french was just kinda weird and wonderful. 

Inspired by "flanerie", the art of urban wandering, it encourages the viewer to partake in the free wandering of a city (Paris in this case) while obviously plugging high couture fashion pieces. It's actually quite clever really but it took both Claire and me a little while to wrap our heads around what was happening. But it was definitely intriguing to try and follow the quotes on the walls, interactive installations (e.g. walking on projected Parisian's feet and hearing their thoughts) and be thrown into a sort of French reverie. 

Delightfully curious indeed...most certainly worth a lazy weekend afternoon stroll for sure. It's on till May 2nd so there is still some time to visit. On a sunny day, I strongly suggest popping further down King's Road to Amorino for flower shaped gelato. Best icecream I've had in a while and I'm Italian, I would know ;) 

Carelle - Amorino