A Girl Named Lucky

I don't mean to brag or anything but I'm feeling super lucky right about now! But can you blame me when I've gotten 2 Celines in 1 year! Surely not? I mean, getting hand me downs from my sister make for the best days ever! Has anyone ever been so excited for second hand items from siblings before? Lol. And who knew hand me downs could look this good? So grateful to my sister for being super sweet and gifting me with such an amazing pressie. Now I'm really feeling prepped for summer fashion...I could literally wear whatever and look so phresh by busting out with this bright beauty! I think I'll need to book a holiday soon to debut my new superstar, especially as London is looking way to grey right now.  I'm having visions of strolling through the French Riviera, in a white dress with a headscarf elegantly tied around my hair and my beautiful bag stealing the spotlight.....ok checking prices on lastminute.com right now haha xo 


*Title from "Lucky" by Britney Spears