Lord & Berry

Yay, another post to add to my "Beauty" section! And this time it's a makeup one, which is awesome as it means Carelle is continuing to expand! Right on! So let's start with a bit of a backstory to my makeup life and then I can introduce you to this featured brand. 

So I'm a MAC girl...have been for as long as I can remember. It's most probably based on the fact that my best friend, Julie, is a makeup artist for MAC and so won't allow me to use any other brand, full stop haha. And I've always trusted her opinion, even at school she was just always good at makeup. I remember being 13 years old and my boyfriend at the time commenting that I should be taking tips from Julie about makeup cos she was way better than me ..... rudeness (I mean, it was true but still....)!! So anything makeup I go to Jules...she's done my face for birthdays, graduation, photoshoots...she's the one I call. Then the other day, she said something to me that shocked me to my core. She said that she has started thinking that she (and me included) should be trying other makeup brands so we can at least be well informed on what else is out there. Hold up what?!

Well, as fate would have it Pure Pr got in contact with me about Lord & Berry and their new range of foundations, checking to see if I was interested in trying them out. Er yeah!!! Then I managed to wangle some other makeup samples from Lord & Berry ... you know, to get better acquainted with the brand and all ;) Score! And so here we are, time for me to give you my opinions on the products:

  1. Eye Liners & Mascaras - Hard one to review, solely because I have become so stuck in my ways for 10 years or so now. If I'm honest I wasn't wowed by the mascara but then I'm so used to my "BADgal" Mascara from Benefit (yes, I know it's not MAC...literally the only product that Julie has let me off on lol) that it's hard to adjust to a different style of brush and liquid consistency in a mascara. The eye liner was fine - did the standard job. Now, the liquid liner....I can't believe how long it's been since I've used one. I was a veteran when I was a teen but once I started using the "Blacktrack" Fluidline gel I have never looked back. However, the gel can smudge a bit as the day goes on so I found that by combining it with Lord & Berry's liquid eyeliner helps my wings last longer and look more defined as well because the liner is just the right consistency to compliment the gel e.g. not too runny! So I'm very happy with my new discovery! Will need to run it by Julie just to confirm though ;) haha
  2. Lipsticks - I AM SOLD on every single lipstick! The colours, the textures, the sheen, the creaminess, how easily it glides on and how long it lasts throughout the day....yes, yes, yes! I don't even need to check in with Julie on this one, I'm a convert! 
  3. Foundation - Ah well, I got so distracted by the lipsticks that I did not have enough time to dedicate proper inspection to the foundations. Silly really as they should really be the main attraction of the post. But I was too busy dancing round to 7/11 in my living room, trying out all the different shades of my new lipsticks. Will review foundation over the weekend so stay tuned. 

So that's it for now. If you are interested in trying Lord & Berry (and I would definitely recommend giving the lipsticks a gander for sure), you can find them on ASOS, LookFantastic  and even Selfridges. It's worth investigating the brand from good ol' Milano. I've said it once and I'll say it again, we Italians do it best ;) xo