All About The Base

As promised, I have ready for you a review on the new line of foundations from Lord & Berry. I tried it over the weekend and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm normally quite skeptical over new foundations and find that being mixed, it can takes energy to find an appropriate foundation as brands may not stock my particular tone or shade. Plus I don't like putting unknown products on my skin because it's so sensitive and the slightest grievance can set my face to flair up mode. As such I approached this task with much trepidation. However I found the foundation to be lightly creamy thus glides on easily, with a small amount going a long way. It didn't feel greasy which is so important in foundation and provided a good light coverage over my face. I normally prefer more heavy duty foundations to give that polished look but this foundation would work well for basic day to day coverage. Something I'd probably wear to work everyday to avoid looking tired (no makeup) or like I'm trying too hard (full face of makeup). 

Speaking of work, I had the weirdest experience walking home from work the other day. I had my first run in with the "One Directioners". Wow, they take that life so serious. You do not wanna mess with loved up, hormonal teenage girls. I was kinda scared as I stumbled into the 1D moshpit that I would get knocked out. Louis walked out of a music type building on Ladbroke Grove and I promise I really tried to avoid the hoard of screaming girls but as he moved, they moved and while I was trying to swerve round them all I somehow got sucked in and it was not pleasant inside that swarm. I eventually got pushed out by a bodyguard (a little too forcibly I may add) and legged it home before those girls caused me anymore drama lol. 

Finally, I must apologise for not giving a full face close up shot of what the foundations looked like on. Unfortunately, both foundations were slightly off my natural colour and  while trying to mix them to get a more "Elvira" complexion I just ended up making a random shade that didn't look quite human. Haha. But anyway you get the general gist that it provides great day to day light coverage without suffocating your skin. Thumbs up from me! xo