Wishlist: Leather Desires






"If love isn't forever, and it's not the weather, hand me my leather" - Tori Amos

So I have about 10 mins to publish this post before I miss my Wednesday Wishlist slot. Eek! So I'm gonna have to be brief, which sucks because I would have loved to have gone into more detail but rules are the rules...wishlists are solely made for Wednesdays haha. 

So the reason I'm a little late this week with my wishlist post is because I struggled to come up with something I really really wanted. It has always seemed so easy before but I drew a blank this week for some strange. Then I decided to look through what you guys have been searching for on my blog to see if I could steal some inspiration from my lovely readers. I have to say, some rather odd searches popped up e.g. sexy negligee ... oh you naughty lot! But what has repeatedly come up week after week in my site searches is leather. I've been too scared to approach it before as it's quite a broad clothing type to search but hey, I thought I'd give it a try today...with 6 minutes to go! 

So what you have here is a play between some of my recent purchases (top level) which are all still in store and online ready to be purchased and what I ideally would like to upgrade to one day. Now don't get me wrong, I love the leather items I have and I'm not suggesting I would swap them out...this post is more about fantasizing about one day adding something like an Acne Jacket into my wardrobe. Wouldn't that be nice? But something like leather dungarees and shorts are totally attainable and are more about looking for summer alternatives to my current leather outfits. So there you have it, some leather loves for you all that have been seeking some answers. Hope that helps with your searches. For now, I'm out....with two minutes to spare, BOOM!!! Goodnight xo