Her Black Skin Made a Stripe Like A Zebra

Carelle - Bardot
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest is that we are powerful beyond measure." - Marianne Williamson 

Easter time! And you know what that means? I can eat meat again!! Ahhhhh I'm so happy. I'm not sure if I mentioned before but I had the crazy idea to give up meat for Lent...funnily enough not for any religious purposes but just as an experiment to see the effects it would have on me (and also because I remember Beyonce went vegan for 40 days last year and looked incredible afterwards and I was hoping that would happen to me too...but I guess she has a personal chef making her meals so we are playing a different game really). The results: I did lose a lil weight but I've been eating more sugar to replace the satisfaction I got from meat so really, even though I've got smaller I probably have put on more fat. I was really hoping that I would try loads of new healthy recipes and meals and but that lasted a week and I went back to living off cheese and bread and chocolate. But that's done now and I am kinda glad I tried it so cos I love a good experiment haha.

So how are you guys celebrating Easter (if you are that is)? I'll mainly be scoffing my face with lots of meat (I ordered a large meat feast pizza at midnight last night of course and ate it all, yeh buddy!) but these last few days leading up to Easter got me thinking about religion and the significance of it in all our lives. Then for the first time I properly listened to the lyrics in "No Church in the Wild" and never realised how deep the message is and I kinda liked it. Particularly the idea of questioning a hierarchal society and creating personals morals for ourselves (as long as you're happy and not harming anyone else). Interesting right? Perhaps I do spend a little too much time reflecting but I wanted to come up with a lesson for myself at this point of time and I've decided the lesson is about being the best I can be, believing in my own abilities and taking responsibility for me. In essence loving myself and thus in doing so being awesome! This can then expand to a love for the world and for life, not because any laws or religious doctrine told me to but because I have set a code for myself and my life. Too deep? Haha.

But anyway, that's a snippet into my inner reasoning atm. I think the Easter break and changing seasons have left me thinking about the world and life...maybe taking a week off work has left me with too much time on my hands lol. But talking about changing seasons, my outfit is a perfect one for spring....cool, classy, sporty yet elegant but most importantly effortless. Just how I like it! Right, I hope I've given you some inspiration - both in fashion and philosophical terms (who knew the two could come together). Wishing you a lovely holiday break xo  



Bardot Top

Topshop Jacket (similar here)

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Zara Shoes


*Title from "No Church in the Wild" by Jay Z & Kanye West