Lighting Up My Feet

So last week I've had some interesting searches on the blog, none more hilarious than "sexy feet". I had to laugh out loud at that one...amazing! So kicking off the week with some footspiration for you all haha! Apologies if you're not a feet person but it does give me the chance to talk about how I've sprung up my toes ready for sandal weather. Plus I got a pedicure over the weekend where I got told my feet were in perfect condition so I'm feeling particularly good about them haha. So I normally always go for red on my toes, simple and classic you can never go wrong with it but I was in the mood for a change. For spring/summer I normally transition to a very pale nudeish pink. But my pedicurist suggested I be a bit more bold and try and whiter pink and voila, "Fiji" from the Essie collection was picked. And now my toes are feeling very pretty and ready to be shown off to all. Enjoy ;) xo 


*Title from "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift