Girls On Film

Carelle - Girls on Film

So while most people are back at work today, I was clever enough to take the day off and have had a glorious morning doing nothing...ahhhh! Well no to be fair, I have been doing errands, washing up, doing laundry, cleaning home supplies, etc.... All the stuff I should have been doing with my 6 days off but of course I left everything to the last day lol. Oh well! Well worth it though because I had a lovely bank holiday weekend. However I'm not feeling particularly refreshed as there were a lot of late nights haha. I'm young, can you blame me?

Anyhoo, I promised this outfit last week but it did not make it up as I was distracted by friends...sowry! Better late than never, so here you have it. Little Mistress gifted me these super cool dungarees and man do they have me excited for spring/summer. I've got a million ways I wanna wear them in my head but for these pics I went for simple and elegant...always does the trick! But other ideas I'm thinking include tshirts, crop tops, bikinis, denim, turtlenecks, trainers... anything really because they are so versatile. Plus the satin texture is a nice twist on a classic piece. Love it! What do you think, how would you wear there bad boys? xo 

P.S. For those back at work have a nice day (aka muahahahahahahaha).  



Girls on Film Dungarees

Mango Blouse

River Island Heels (similar here)

Maju Bag 

Asos Sunglasses


Title from "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran