Wishlist: Nelly Sandals

Urgh, I had the most annoying evening last night! Actually most of the day yesterday. The drainage is my flat is messed up so spent most of the day trying to sort that out when I was supposed to be enjoying my last day off. I should never have laughed at everyone else at work yesterday because karma is well and truly a bitch!! Now am sitting here waiting for a plumber when I should be at work. I know, I shouldn't complain cos it's less time in the office but I actually have a lot of work to be getting on with. Wahhh! 

However, I'm not gonna let it annoy me...instead I'm browsing the internet eyeing up these beauty shoes, y'know, as distraction technique and stress prevention mechanism! I want them both! I've been looking for sandals like these for agesss. The rubber soles are so comfy to wear round all day long and the cleated patterns just look cool. You could wear them with the simplest outfit and you'd still look kinda edgy. Easy fashion/style right there kids. But woe is me, my luck has clearly run out today and the white ones are sold out :( They'd be so perfect for summer too. I shall just have to wait patiently. Who knows, perhaps I'll get luckier as the day goes on and by the time the plumber gets here, the shoes will be restocked. I'm keep refreshing the page in the meantime. Farvä'l ;) xo