Got Me Sprung

How long has it been since I did some selfies on my MAC? I mean, I don't even know who I am anymore?!!! But the sunny weather has gotten me in such a good mood (can you tell) and I'm so excited for spring and summer so I just had to have a little play around in my new top from New Look. Do you like? Summer is gonna be all about the bardot for me. I can't wait! Plus, it's so warm today, I don't even need to wear a jacket out, though I kinda feel naked without it. It's like shedding skin or whatever!

Anyhoo, time to stop being silly and get on with some proper tasks. I have a killer day at work today backed up by the fact that I only did a half day at work yesterday cos I was waiting for a plumber forever (thankfully that's mostly sorted now). But all good because later I am going to watch Cinderella at the cinema with Claire, which I am totally wearing my tiara to. Not even joking! The film looks so good though and I'm mostly going to ogle at Prince Charming who played Rob Stark in GoT (ahhh that starts up again so soon...jeez there is so much to be excited about), to ease the pain of his death from the series (I'm still in morning, the Red Wedding broke my soul). Right, onwards we go. Weekend so close I can practically smell it!! Toodles xo 

*Title from "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce