I'm Crying Everyone's Tears

Carelle - All Black

Hello Bank Holiday weekend! Where have you been all my life? Or, less, dramatically, where have you been all week...it has all felt so longggg. Work has taken over my life and there has just been so much drama rama that I am mentally and physically exhausted. So much so that while trying to prep a post the other night I fell asleep on my sofa with the laptop on my lap at around 9pm. So much so that for the first time in a long time, I questioned whether I could continue working in the mental health sector. It's so draining to continuously give all the time and Tuesday, I started to just feel like a black hole that everyone dumps their issues into. Most of the time I can take it cos I love helping others...I always have, even as a child but it feels a little much lately. So yeh, I am really looking forward to a nice long weekend of lie ins, friendly catchups, Netflix catchups and a hella lot of popcorn. Bliss!

And I've already started pampering myself, seeing as pay day has come. Girlfriend has been waxed and plucked and is getting her ratchet nails today!! All that's left to do is cut my hair and I'll start feeling on tip top form again. But we'll leave that till next month so my bank don't block my card again around suspicions of too much money going out at once lol. Anyway, the outfit in this pic reflects my mood of late: dark and sombre lol. I love black, always have. And even though Anna Wintour believes you should never wear all black, I think it can look really chic and edgy so yeh.. (I may have just scuppered any future plans of ever being on the cover of Vogue lol). It's quite a dreary weather start to May anyway so black seems fitting. When the suns out, I'll go back to playing with colours. 

Right off to do my nails...only issue is whether to go black or nude. Black or nude, black or nude? I haven't been able to decide all week. Help required please!! xo 



American Apparel Bodysuit

Dr. Denim Jeans

The Kooples Leather Jacket

Air Max Trainers


*Title from "King of Sorrows" by Sade