Wishlist: Trainer Trend


Nike Air Max 90



Adidas Originals 

So I've heard you loud and clear guys; I see the daily searches on Carelle for the Air Max 90s. I wish I had a link to the ones I own but unfortunately they are nearly 2 years out of season now so would be super hard to find (the sunset colour ones are the closet resemblance I think, but on steriods lol). But for you Nike Air Max lovers, have you ever been tempted to venture to the other side....the Adidas side? Both styles of trainers are currently insanely popular with bloggers but while I've always been a Nikey chick, the likes of collaborations with Pharrell and Yeezy have me leering over at Adidas. So if I was to get a pair, it would so be the originals for sure. I like the look of the white high tops particularly cos I've been looking for a cool pair of all white kicks, which don't make me feel like I'm in a nurse's uniform (yes even the trusty Air Max 90s look rather odd on in all white). 

So which are you, an Air Max 90s kid or an Adidas Original? For me, it's too close to call. I'll deliberate while I wait at my GP surgery (getting my first smear test, eek!). Have a good one xo