Flowerbomb, The Scent When You Breeze Through

It's so fitting that this bralette is called "Flowerbomb" cos it's also the name of my favourite perfume by Viktor & Rolf! And I actually wore the Rosé Explosion version on the shoot to help give me a bit more of a sexier feeling...you know, like getting into character or something lol. The handiwork and detailing on the bras are so beautiful and romantic, I feel so lucky to have been gifted with one. All the hard work that Feiminn are doing atm the moment is kinda inspirational and has even got me thinking about whether I'd like to open Carelle up to the possibilities of some sort of commerce. Something to throw in the mix for the future perhaps.

However, before I can even start talking about expanding, I really need to up my game on the blog atm. It's kinda feeling a bit dry and friends have even begun asking what's been going on. But working on this shoot and the meetings I had yesterday, one about broadening Carelle Lifestyle and the other where I got loaded with beauty treats from Pure Pr (such a lovely team), have really given me the kick in motivation and inspiration I needed. So I am aiming to be back in full force by next week. For now, I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek from my shoot with Feiminn. Can't wait to show you more, such cute pics. Chat soon xo 

*Title from 'Angel" by Rich Gang