The Sexy Little Things You Wear

I had such a fun day yesterday shooting with Feiminn in North London. They contacted me about collaborating together and seeing as we were in the same city, why not do a shoot together. As such, it was just an informal thing, didn't take too long and they made me feel so comfortable shooting in a bralette, leaving it up to me with how much skin I wanted to show. And then to top it all off I was gifted with this gorgeous bralette named "Flowerbomb". I'm in love! The fact that it's really dramatic but also covers up a lot around the boob area means that it is something that could easily go on show with outfits. I'm thinking buttoned down shirts, low cut tshirts or side cut out tops. Perfect for summer right? And of course, could be used for  private settings too, if you catch my drift eh, haha. There are also more exhibitionist versions available if you fancy. See here

Can't wait to show you the final pictures, think they turned out good so hopefully I can get them up soon. Also off topic, I completely forgot I had that Victoria Secret's perfume. I've always loved the bottle but forgot how nice the scent is too. Very sweet though so do use with caution. Anyhoo, back to Orange is the New Black I go (I've become hooked over the weekend...I'm always late with these things lol). TTFN xo  

*Title from "So Fly" by Domino