Burn The Midnight Oil

Carelle - Pure Pr Oils

Ok so we all know about putting good fats and oils INTO our bodies as part of a healthy diet right but what about putting oil ONTO our bodies? In particular, what would happen if I used it on my face? I'm all about keeping my skin hydrated and as such I cream my body daily .... RELIGIOUSLY... but for some reason, in the past, I adopted the opposite rule for my face. Because I've struggled with acne from my teens, I somehow got the impression that I need to dry out my facial skin to reduce spots. Strangely enough, many of friends were similarly misinformed so could whoever is spreading that rumour stop asap because it's simply just making matters worse. Ok, thanks!  

Over time I learnt the importance of moisturising the face as well (can you believe I only started using facial moisturiser at 20?...skincare shock horror, I know!) but it wasn't till Claire gave me a skincare intervention that I realised just how much hydration our faces need. I'd been told by makeup artists before that my skin looked dehydrated and confirmation by a facial checkup at Dermalogica changed my outlook on skin hydration.... and this applies right from the get-go of your skin routine: taking off makeup. Did you know that oil dissolves impurities in the skin better than water and as such removes makeup effectively without over drying or irritating your skin. Goodbye baby wipes, you won't be missed! 

Now let's talk Malin & Goetz Cleansing Oil and 1001 Remedies Argan Oil, two lovely gifts from Pure Pr (oh I do feel so lucky). I've already noticed a difference in my skin by using an oil to remove makeup. My face isn't so sensitive any longer and I don't flare up at the slightest provocation. When I use the product, I can almost see the makeup melt off my face...an oddly satisfying feeling lol. Plus the mix of grapeseed, avocado, eucalyptus and chamomile soothes my skin, leaving it feeling silky but also super clean. It kinda feels like a spa treatment every evening! Just glorious. Try it yourself here. May seem a little pricey at first but you don't need a lot to go a long way so it will last a while. Ok, and the argan oil is divine but don't feel limited to applying this beauty to just the face. 1001 Remedies pride themselves on using organic and herbal ingredients and so encourage you to apply the oil any which way you like: hair, face, body, you name it. When I was last in Morocco I basically bathed in argan oil and my body thanked me for it; hair glossy, skin glowing...who doesn't want that look? And it comes in travel size too.... y'know, for any on-the-go de hyradation emergencies haha. Try it here.

Wow...Who knew I had so much to say about facial oils. But seriously, it's changed my life so invest in some, all, anything...just please hydrate your skin. And for the love of god, get rid of the face wipes!! Yuck! Cleansing oils are your new best friends, I promise you. One final note, I know I've said it before but I need you to understand the sch-amazingness of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate...I only use it once a week before bed but my face feels luscious and supple and the lavender in it makes me sleep like a baby! One of my best beauty buys, I swear! Ok that's it, I'm oiled out. But seriously, grease up ladies!! Much love, peace out xo 

*Title from "Light Inside" by Aerosmith