Brunch at Dishoom, Shoreditch

Carelle - Dishoom

Bank Holidays are simply the best! I've already had a lovely 3 days off work and have another 2 to go. And days like today make me so happy I could burst :) So, I started the day bright and early by meeting Melisa (my lovely Uni partner in crime) for a tastebud tickling brunch at Dishoom. Everyone has been continuously ranting and raving about this restaurant to me, from Claire who visited for dinner recently to colleagues at work. I keep hearing about how authentic the food tasted, how friendly the staff are and what a good vibe the restaurant has. Well of course, being a curious cat, I had to test it out for myself...just to see what all the fuss was about ;)

So we arrived for 10.30 am (actually Melisa did.... I got there 10.45 am....there were tube delays ok!!!) and only had a 15 minute wait before we secured a seat on the veranda. With perfect sunny weather, the wait was well worth it. The setting felt cosy and quaint straight away and thus I dived right into the menu! Actually I  lie, like a true foodie I had already looked at the menu the night before and pre planned my choices. Makes for quicker ordering and leaves more time for chit chat. Both Melisa and I drank the Mango Lassi and Chai tea, pure heaven if I ever tasted it. I had the bacon naan roll (highly recommended solely because of the delicious tomato jam and cream cheese they stuff inside - yum!) and Mel had the Bombay Omelette, of which she assured me was delightful.

Feeling replete, with 2 hours of girly gossip and some much too drinkable Bellinis later, we managed to drag ourselves away from our lil Indian haven and meeting up with Claire, braved Columbia Road Flower Market again. It was crazy rammed so we all threw money at the closest flower vendors we could see (all bought hydrangeas), took the necessary Instagram photos (check my page tomorrow for some pics) and legged it into a cafe for nibbles and hot drinks, just managing to avoid the afternoon downpour. By 4pm we were pooped and each headed to our respective homes for a late afternoon nap. That my friends is a Sunday of dreams! Cheerio xo