It's A Different Ballgame

Carelle - Baseball Cap

It has been like 3 weeks since I've done a fashion/personal style post! What has been going on, I hear you ask. Well a mixture of things, firstly it takes a lot of energy to do fashion posts. Not so much the actual shooting but the work afterwards e.g. picking the pictures that show off the clothes well but also where I don't look tres awkward. And with the way my job has been going, I just haven't had it in me recently. Secondly, you've gotta to be in the right vibe for such shoots and lately I've felt a little uninspired by my wardrobe as well as the London weather. Is it hot, is it cold? I simply have no clue how to dress for this in-between weather stage we are experiencing! It's so annoying because I basically need to dress for all weather possibilities at this point and unfortunately I don't own Mary Poppins' handbag where I can stow away the contents of my wardrobe for the ever changing British weather. Finally, I've been dipping my toes into other areas of blogging. A little beauty here, a little lifestyle there ... no point restricting myself when there is a whole cyber world of blogging possibilities, right? 

Well for you fashion junkies, never fear as I am back to my style post roots with this sporty little feature. I came across this baseball cap, hidden amongst the chaos that is in my wardrobe, and remembered my love for hats. Though I've never mentioned it before, I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm a big baseball cap fan. However, it seems the hat style has perhaps become a little outdated or trashy even, although it did make a very brief comeback in last winter's fashion trends. I've had this discussion with friends and most have felt it's a little too WAG circa 2005 or US midwest wannabe. Regardless, I thought I needed to reintegrate it back into my style but try and class it up a bit, especially as the one I'm wearing is felt so it out edges any standard baseball cap. Et voila, you have my take on a sporty, west side chick tries urban, cool yet elegant look (I don't try to take too much on at once, do I? haha). So what dyu think, are you a secret baseball cap fan like me? Go on, own up to it ;) xo



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Title from "Like Toy Soldiers" by Eminem