Wishlist: Mom Vs Skinny Jeans

Today's post isn't so much my personal wishlist but a mixture of informing those who have been searching for jeans on the blog what styles I own and currently wear and also to seek your advice on good jean brands. I detest jean shopping! Genuinely, I find it almost a demoralising experience and I kinda feel that a lot of high street brands don't cater to the individuality of women's varying shapes. I'm half African thus I'm curvier on my bottom half but my waist is small so I struggle to find jeans that fit me properly. I tend to go for high waisted, stretchy jean styles to accommodate my shape but it always such a long process trying to dig them out and by the end of the day, I just feel like a heifer because the "standard" jean size and shape doesn't sit right on me. I almost have half a mind to start my own jeans line, I swear! 

I've always been a skinny jeans girl and live in high waisted black ones to help my legs look skinnier but lately I'm a little over them. I feel so constricted in them and maybe it's because I'm getting fatter or something but after wearing them for too long, my legs are starting to hurt, almost like there's a restriction of blood flow. Or maybe I'm just paranoid lol. I recently bought some Mom jeans from H&M, which I would normally stay well away from in fear of making my bottom look even larger but because the H&M ones are so baggy, it actually looks cool and gives a very retro 90s look, especially if paired with a crop. But I need more variety so this weekend I'm gonna be on the hunt for different jeans styles. Maybe you guys can help gimme any suggestions of styles and brand you like? Would be so helpful. Otherwise I'm gonna experiment and hopefully by next week I can do another Jeans Wishlist post with the results of my search. Till then I'll be living out of my leggings haha xo