Wishlist: The Battle of Swimwear






Are you a swimsuit or a bikini kinda gal? Or a bit of both like me? If you don't know yet, make a decision quick cos holiday season is fast approaching. I started out always preferring bikinis but now I'm kinda swaying towards swimsuits. I find them very elegant but oddly kinda sexier than bikinis. Though a nuisance when tanning, they are perfect for summer pool parties and that holiday yacht life (don't know where I think I'm going and when I'll be just chilling on a yacht as I have not booked any holidays yet! ...If you have can I gatecrash?). 

For me, I want my swimwear to either be sexy or sporty. I not into that pretty/floral type bikini. I don't think it suits my body type so I stay clear of it. Here I suggest a plunge swimsuit to be sexy, while still keeping everything else relatively PG. I love the selection ASOS have in stock right now, which include basic styles with extras twists...ideal! And then for bikinis, I adore the River Island cami sets because they make sporty and athletic look hot! I've got the black and white one, which you may have seen featured in one of my Dubai posts. Ah, looking back at those UAE photos has seriously got me craving beach mode, especially on a rainy day like today. I'm gonna book somewhere asap!! Any suggestions? xo